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Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in any set of files, originally designed for coordinating work among programmers cooperating on source code during software development. (source: Wikipedia)

From the definition, one of the major use of Git is for collaborating on projects. This way everyone can make changes to files and update previous version without disrupting the workflow.

Some beginners find it difficult working with Git, some just assume its complex probably because of the command line.

A beginner’s guide to improving model performances

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Remember those times when you still used analogue radio. You had to turn the knobs to tune in to your favourite radio station. You kept on doing this until the station was audible enough almost without any interference. Hence you keep tuning until you get the best performance or the desired result.

This principle is also applied in hyperparameter tuning. During modelling, you desire to have the best performance possible based on a chosen metric. After building a baseline model, you then begin to tune the hyperparameters in order to optimize performance. …

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A Data Scientist and Machine Learning Enthusiast, passionate about solving problems, with keen interest in energy.

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